Guidelines for submissions to the Internet Stellar Database

If the Database doesn't contain your favorite star, or if you have corrections you wish to submit for an existing star, please follow these guidelines so that your information can be plugged in as swiftly and cleanly as possible.  There's only one guy maintaining this database right now, after all.

1. LIST YOUR SOURCES! Don't just tell me that BD +25°2071 is 20.7 light-years distant; tell me where, in which catalog, you looked this figure up.

2. Give the epoch for all right ascentions and declinations.

3. Include standard error figures for all data that have them.  Telling me your star has a parallax of 95.3 milliarcseconds is one thing; telling me it has a parallax of 95.3 milliarcseconds with a standard error of 8.7 milliarcseconds gives me much, much more to work with.

4. Include as much data (with sources!) as possible.  Anything you don't supply, I'll have to look up, which takes more time.

Send suggestions for new stars, and suggestions for changes to existing stars, to